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We are one of the earliest and largest 1-MCP production and sales

enterprises in China, and our products named Maxfresh are not only exported to southeast 

Asia,South America, Europe, and Africa ,but also widely used in fresh-keeping of fruit

and vegetables in China.In a word,the quality of our products is guaranteed.

The head of our company had worked in AgroFresh for nine years and has been working

in 1-MCP industry for 12 years.So we have very rich experience in 1-MCP application.

We have different formulations for different varieties of fruit and vegetables and different

packing.We can not only provide high quality products at a lower price, but also provide

technical and application support for our clients.

We can cooperate with you in different ways based on your needs: such as region agent,

Raw material supply,OEM and so on.

Welcome to contact with us,looking forward to the cooperation with you.

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